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Daneshvar and wisely

Science is indispensable for any engineering service. To ensure the quality of the services provided to you, we are committed to constantly adding to our knowledge and apply this knowledge to your service.

We work creatively

Creativity is indispensable. Things can be done in a variety of ways, but it requires individual creativity to do things at a faster pace and with lower cost and better quality. Our team is accompanied by creative and skilled people


Every business partnership is based on trust. We are completely reliable in our work. We think carefully about your interests and your interests at the top of our attention.

Learn more about us

Paya Marv Systems Co. was founded in 1996 by 6 graduates of Sharif University of Technology.

The design and installation of computer networks has been the main activity of the company since its inception, and today all technical and engineering services in the field of computer networks are provided by the company.

Several software services, including the provision of software and software in the SharePoint and Project Server themes, have been part of the company’s activities throughout the years. In recent years, the company’s software suite has been developed in the form of an independent company operating Continuing and withdrawing from the legal nature of the company.

Smart card equipment, Ribbon smart card printers and related equipment, as well as hologram supplies are also on the agenda of the company and are offered by the commercial unit.

What others say about us

Dr. Mohammad Reza Khalili

Managing Director of PAYA MRO SYSTEM – Mr. Jalil Asfari

Now that we saw the election of the Majles Elections in electronic format in the Islamic Revolutionary Majles in 2003, we expressed gratitude and gratitude to the seriousness of the actions taken by the Majesty for this important issue.

God willing, God blesses the people of this province more and more in the light of the attention of the Prophet Velayu ahru.

Dr. Mohammad Reza KhaliliGovernor of Khorasan Razavi - Director General of Information TechnologyWikiTravel
Engineer Ali Bahrami Zadeh

Yours faithfully, with gratitude and thanks to Hazrat Ahadi, I thanked you for his honest efforts in providing the services to the governorate, and for my fellow members and colleagues, the growing success with health and safety in I wish the king of the kingdom of the eighth astrology of Imamate and the province of the goddess of the gods. 24-5-1394

Engineer Ali Bahrami ZadehGovernor of Khorasan Razavi - Director General of Administrative and Financial AffairsMedia Wiki
Engineer Goodarz Mahmoudi

Regarding the extension of the smart card contract for the Hamedan, Lorestan, Kermanshah, Kurdistan and Ilam areas, the General Directorate declares its satisfaction with the performance of its predecessor in the issuance and printing of smart card drivers and fleet, Hope with Tavakol Apply to God and apply the necessary measures to improve the quality and quantity of affairs.

Engineer Goodarz MahmoudiDirector General of Transportation and Terminals of Hamedan ProvinceMax Mobilcom
Dr Seyyed Mehdi Gizza Babaei

Mr. Maddi Yan – Managing Director of Paya Marve System Co., Ltd

Good luck with the donation

Honestly, I am pleased to give you the opportunity to make a contract. While wishing success for all my colleagues and colleagues, I hope you succeed in following the attention of Imam Hussein.

Dr Seyyed Mehdi Gizza BabaeiTechnology and Innovation Deputy, Science and Technology Park of Khorasan RazaviDoom Inc

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